Business Video


Our Business Video targets both internal and public audiences. Internal video is private to your team. Marketing and promo video is targeted at the public and sometimes includes video advertising.

Our promo videos are optimized for search engine results. We'll take the promo videos we create and optimize them for the search engines to help you get the best organic rankings.

Promo Video Package 1

An approximate 100 second promo video of your business optimized for search engine results.

Promo Video Package 2

Two (2) approximate one hundred (100) second promo videos about your business or products. We'll optimize the videos for organic search results, include transcription and put it on multiple hosting platforms for maximum visibility and search traffic.

Template Based Video Production

Templates include the script, graphics, editing, and production. You create the footage on your smartphone or tablet.

Studio Videos

Filmed at WebOffice Studios in front of our green screens with your custom backgrounds. We use our templates and our footage.

Custom Video Production

We'll either guide you through the creative and production process or produce custom videos for you.

Location Videos

We shoot the footage at your location, event or other venue under the direction of our director.



You're Hired! ...Now what?
Pre-arrival, orientation, setup, one month review....

Safety App

Our Safety App is a complete safety program designed specifically for the hazards in your workplace. The Safety App includes videos for training and is complete with testing. The app can also be printed if necessary.


In case of emergency! ...Now what?
Exit Routes, fire extinguishers, head count....


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