Business Apps and Video

What is WebOffice Studios?

We are developers. We create apps and videos for businesses. Our apps and videos are used for educating, training and promoting.

Let's face it, todays customer base has become an anytime - anywhere marketplace. Customers are using their smart devices to look at your products and services all the time. Workforces have also become an anytime-anywhere mobile workplace. As a result, businesses must develop new tools for their employees and customers. This includes specialized mobile sites, apps and videos for internal training, online marketing and ecommerce. Most businesses are not equipped to produce top quality business grade videos or software apps. That's where we come in.

We design and build digital solutions for our customers. We provide the creative and technical skills required to develop and produce sophisticated multimedia business apps.

Small and medium sized businesses

We specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses promote and manage their businesses.

How we work

For each project we consider the client's business thoroughly and help them develop a strategy to achieve their digital goals and objectives. Once we understand your goals and objectives (and you understand the possibilities), we build a WebOffice Studio.

A WebOffice Studio is a virtual studio where you work, collaborate, train and promote using apps, content and video. This is a cloud based solution which includes apps and videos for managing and promoting your business.

Based on our template sets we develop customized solutions for each client's needs.


Lights, Camera, Action - Call us!!